Friday, April 18, 2014

Whoops – Catch Up – Days 13-18 PAD 2014


~Whoops – Catch Up – Days 13-18 PAD 2014~

DAY 18 – Weather

Bright and Sunny September

The weather report
bore out the sky
outside my window
simply cerulean
clear – the crisp almost
audible outside my
window – a beautiful
September morning
clear, sunny and cool
so that when towers
inexplicably exploded
and incomprehensibly
fell- it was through the
cerulean clear crisp
suddenly surreal sun
on shoulders of those
tumbling from windows
papers whirling in the
sooted wind, frantic
faces upturned to the
sun that kept on shining,
in that incongruous blue sky

DAY 17 – Pop Culture

Pop Culture

the ultimate


From the dust 

From the days and months and
years of dust and destruction
the only antidote
to twenty-four seven
loops of loss
as aching arms 
opened to embrace

From the dust 

From the days and months 
and years of 
dust and destruction
rose the only antidote
to twenty-four seven
loops of loss
and aching arms 
opened to embrace
in joyful respite
the inane doings of


Day 16- Elegy

Elegy for the large family table

Elbows off
and elbows
on – laughter
tinkling on
cut cystal
bellowing in
bowls of passed
mashed potatoes
and fish-eyed looks
of sister-in-laws and
under the table hand
holding as faces above
held on the topics of
justice – social and
otherwise- a fork
dropped and a call
to the kitchen
“Are you coming to
sit down with us?”
a spilled glass of
something that will
thankfully stain
until all that
remains now
is the faded pink
of that spill of long ago
and the whispers
of laughter – spilled
and now dried and
gone – gone – gone –
dancing on dust



“Make Love – Not War”
we marched arm bands
proud in the sunshine
bare feet dancing in park
and believed
truly believed
with dancing eyes, hearts
feet, and mind, that this was
not a slogan, but a goal to be
reached with outstretched
opened arms


DAY 14 – If I Were ______

If I Were My Old Self

This screen would
stay quiet replaced
by a simple stack
of yellow pads and
think black rolling
writers – packed in
a single bag with
a bathing suit two
long white shirts
and my ticket
to ride back to
the sea
the aquamarine
sea where in the
sunshine sunset
of years yet to
unfold I would sit
at the shimmered
shore of youth and
write out the last


DAY 13 – Animal Poem


He came
not quite two
pounds of coal
fluff - as I was
writing macabre
Kaitlin poems of
a little murdered
girls who appeared
to me in a yellow
sundress as a
November PAD
He came
three times
to the door
so tiny that
his persistent
nickel sized
paws only
grazed the
He came and
I mistook him
for an incarnation
of Kaitlin and kept
writing of the
dead child
I thought I find
him a good
home - a so called
forever home as
I held him and wrote
poem after poem
never thinking that
he had already

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  1. I like this and I really like Day 18 Weather and Day 13 Animal Poem really good writing.