Sunday, April 6, 2014

PAD - Day 6 - Night glow

Night glow

In the darkening night a glow
Of all that too presumptuous blares
Reposed, becalmed in the soft side of cares
In beds and pallets still and tossed
From palace scented frangipani to desert lost
The marble spins blue in the darkening night a glow
Souls flit and rise in ephemeral spirits song I know
All ripped connections, of face, place, uniform and so
In the navied night - all joined as one humanity – this I know  


  1. yes i know :-) very nice piece.

  2. I had to google frangipani.. I like how you tie it together at the end.. together we stand. together we fall...

  3. One of my faves of yours, seeing the earth as a marble in the to think of humans all over the planet, all connected. I love this!

  4. Excellent piece!

  5. I went on this fabulous trip with this poem and loved the language.

  6. Dear Dr Pearl your thoughts shine like your name -beautiful lines and striking images created as one reads

  7. Night time is often mysterious and lovely.. i like what you did with the poem.. Interesting to mention frangipani, too! I like that.