Tuesday, April 29, 2014

PAD - Day 29 - 3 Magical/Realism Poems


Magical Mystical Realism Ride
The line on which chubby toes
stand between that which is and
that which whirls is misty,
all is magic, all is real in this
spinning blue marble that we
all share where fathers reach
with strong arms and raven
hair to snatch us to safety
from moving carousels
hold us against strong
beating hearts and music
crescendos and we
curl into forever love
that remains as a whisper
in the wind
as a woman’s toes
stand poised
on the line
still blurry
still magical, mystical
still real


From the tips of mountain peaks
vanishing in clouds of mist
that disappear when one stands
within – to aquamarine waters
that shimmer with sunshine
crystal color completely clear
flowers that blossom from
winters frigid harsh grave
an infants outraged scream
pulled from an unknown
existence to waiting arms
all creatures living, grasped
in passionate embrace
holding fast with clutched
toes as the marble spins
holding and letting go
singing a bright song
or a song of surrender
of song of solitude
singing, holding, letting
go, as the marble spins
so small and undefined
from above, so vast and
unknowable – all the
thrumming of life and
the stillness of its end
the mystic rising and
falling of breath itself
realism and magic


Two teens at the shore

they carried one towel
between them
and burned in
the sun and with
a passion that flared
magic – perhaps
the infant

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  1. /They carried two towels between them/ I love this line, but at the end
    I wanted this to go further-