Wednesday, April 30, 2014

PAD - Day 30 - Call it a day ..... He winked - She blinked

He winked – She blinked
She sat parchment
hand holding a sheet
of paper
His signature looped
strong in black fountain
penned ink
He thought he had
made it easier above
the whirr and clank of
the machine
For years – after he
had thrown his hat
on the door peg
showered and changed
into comfy clothes for
dinner – for years before
during , and after the parade
of children and dogs and
one cat came and left -
midnight had come and
he’d wink, with passion,
with exhaustion, and finally
with an ironic twinkle
of possibility – reach for
her hand and say
“Let’s call it a day”
and now as midnight
approached – sitting on

a hard chair in frigid air
blinking at that damn paper
with his own words
written just below all
the DNR gobbledygook
she could not
she could not

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