Thursday, April 10, 2014

PAD - Day 10 - 4 "Future" Poems

Lies in the twinkle of an
eye - loving hands entwined
weaving as yet unborn
tapestries of tots that
shall carry threads of
my energy


Back and Forth

My past held a
future that fit
into a single sentence
writ in stars up there

“what will be – will be”

My future holds
a past that spills-
from thick journals
not at all so laissez-faire


Without Moi?

The world will tilt
teeter and tumble
off its axis – all a bumble
roll off as a sparkly blue
marble end over end over end
until into some
misty, mystic, galaxy
I will revolve – some celestial
finger having finally hit “Send”  


Mhmm a Me-Less Future?

Although I know
this will come to be
I cannot stand
to see
a world
that does not
contain the me that is me
I cannot accept the sights unseen
the smells unsmelled
the large, the small, the all unheld
I cannot stand to visualize
a future unseen by these very eyes
Far kinder to imagine – to create a scenario
Where I shall simply reconfigure, transform, and
dancing as sparkly energy never never ever truly go

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