Wednesday, April 30, 2014

PAD - Day 30 - Bon Voyage to The Street


Bon Voyage to The Street

I walk this now nearly
quiet cobble stoned Street –
lamplit incandescent
with the wattage of words
walk this now nearly quiet
Street waving Mused arms
whispering wavery phantasms
tip toe touching the tops of
chestnut trees, floating as
white blossoms mystic,
drifting, melting
on this now nearly quiet street
leaving our human footprint
on these wet cobble stones
gleaming under my footfall
as I walk this now nearly quiet
Street again and turn
for one more look as our
individual voices lift and rise in
collective gossamer glimmer
weaving in lyric silvered strands
a single celestial cape drifting
above it all brushing each spirit
revealed on this, in this
blue marble
this spinning blue marble that
we all shared for a singular time
and in the way of mystic magic
know that for a single instant all
pause in perfect poetic synchronicity
our own footfall lingering echoing
on The Street
forever - etched
as the clock clicks and
yes, the time has come  
to call it a day

1 comment:

  1. I loved the images of walking the Street. Your words created an actual place that I believe has a life of its own. Beautiful.