Sunday, March 30, 2014

Planting Heal

Planting Heal

 she asks,  nose to the earth
“does is take so long to root?”
shivering in the chill morning
of her mending –
Running barefoot from her bed
to the bare patch where she had
scattered her seeds that unspeakable
morning in the snow remembering to
pack the uncovered soil softly with small cold fingers
she asks, nose to the earth
peering, waiting, in the early morning
of this still late winter
“will the plan unfurl and burst those promised
pinks and whites and yellow rows of pretty blossoms?”
and with a tiny growl of her belly – she turns and runs back to breakfast with
grandma – back to the warm kitchen and her mama’s empty chair



  1. I can see her, adoring her charming innocence (and wonder with her about mama's empty chair...)

    1. Awww Nurit - I like that you felt that the empty chair was ambiguous when I felt that it was perhaps too obvious that mama was never coming back.

  2. Oh so poignant, that mother's empty chair.....lovely the warmth of her grandma's sweet the wondering when the blooms will blossom. I loved this!

    1. Aww Sherry you seem to have felt the poem precisely the way it came to me - Thank you for stopping and commenting and I am thrilled that you "loved this" one :)

  3. Replies
    1. Oh thank you so very much Rosemary - Delighted to receive a wow and to have you enjoy something I've written :)