Wednesday, April 2, 2014

PAD - Day 2. (4 "Voyage" Poems)


Never Made the Reservation

There is a bright light
at the end
white walls wiped
clean in cold air
whirling as they
scream and shout
something about
someone pushing
and I bobbing
in languid waters
peacefully removed
from this odd intrusion
suddenly wrenched
and thrown naked
cold, confused and
center stage
on a trip
I never booked


Unknown Tripping

Not sure where I’m going
Not sure where I’ve been
Not sure what I’ve seen
Or overlooked again
Only sure I keep on moving
Going sideways or forward
Who knows
and yet
The ground moves beneath me
Not yet my time to stop, figure it out
and infinitely set


The Big Trip

My father was an
artist of canvas
and the mind
painting in large
swathes and miniscule
detail the wonder of
the world for
a tiny child who
co-piloted beside
him as he floored
the pedal and flew
us down a just
sun-risen empty
parkway over
bridges of sparkling
water to the city -
sat beside him
on a quiet dock
with the the only
sounds the gentle
slapping of water
and the squeeze
of oils from tubes
of paints
voyages tangible
and painted on canvas
in my mind and heart
all real
until I sat beside him
stood behind him as
I felt his toes on the edge
of the world and he
before me lifted his hands
to music I heard banging
echoes through my being
and embraced the vastness
of the Universe that I knew
he could see spread before
him – just before he released
his grip and flew
on a journey
booked for only one
this time


Submarine Races

Come fly with us
they called from their
forbidden car
their hair was slick
with gel
they wore
only white
tee shirts
and tight
the air hot
with summer
we – my friend
and I, in short
shorts and long
skinny legs
climbed into
the back seat
the wind in our
hair on our way
to see
submarine races
at the pier
throwing our mother’s
cautioned banners
to the wind
behind our fourteen
year old selves


  1. Ooh, four for the price of one! I particularly loved the one about your father — and I an curious about the sequel to the last.

    1. Aww Rosemary .... so sweet - thank you - can write you a sequel to that last - lol :)