Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tossing in the night ....


Tossing in the night…..*
(combined prompts inspired by today’s wordle words

In the waterfall of draining light
Even the diamond on her finger loses
it’s glow – suspended on the barrier between
surrendered sleep and waking so– she grabs
the strap of sanity and begins to pleat –
continues to tremble in mind-riotous swing,
the questions insistent-tough – that zip and sing
in this small intrusive unit of passion power
time mercurial splits and coalesces into hour
colliding discordant banging within her skull
her life in the night a whirling mull
in the waterfall of draining light
tossing betwixt what pulls and what is right



  1. The night can make the reality of choices seem even harder..especially when the moon is hiding..some beautiful imagery capturing this very real feeling

  2. Ah.. the night and nightmares.. how could she cope with temptation and duties?... I could understand her tossing and turning..

  3. I often damn my conscience for telling me what is right! We often do battle.

  4. Nicely fitted together, and I love that word - betwixt. .

  5. Oh, your use of pleat is perfect! That was a hard one for me. This toss in the night resonates for me. Thank you for giving it voice.

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