Thursday, April 24, 2014

PAD DAY – 24 6 Tell it to the _________poems .....

Blah - Blah - Blah - Blah - Blah - Blah 
6 Tell it to the ____  poems

Tell it to the mountain and all that jazz

You might as well
tell it to the towering
mountain – over the
hills – singing all that


some have proclaimed
far greater announcements
resonating across the land
go tell it to the mountain
climb the peak and stand
in a harbored crag – as
wildflowers fill the cracks
in your soul
and solid stone


Tell it to your child

Look deep into

that child’s eyes

and tell your truth
rather than your

well-intentioned lies


Aw heck – tell it to the judge

No sense in foolin
with it – shuffling up,
down, sideways 
and around
tell it to the wispy 
shimmered robe
who will set you
 in the waiting

Go tell it! 

It doesn’t much matter
to whom, or where or
when, if injustice
fouls your space
shout it
blast it
then !

Go Tell It To The Sea

it will not much matter
if you sob and wail and cry
a torrent of your falling tears
will inform the aquamarine seas
as they roll and roil in shimmer under
the spreading cerulean sky

so drop your tears in
buckets or stingily one
by one by one
tis what forms
the sea from
the beginning
shall continue
far past when
you are gone
and done


Tell it to the child sitting alone

tell the child it does not matter
though right now it feels so far from small
the teasers, tattlers and torturers shall become
the steel forged for more important battles – the child
so armoured will fight them someday all


Tell it to the short boy in the eighth grade

the girls who looked down on you
who giggle behind soft taloned hands
who run past you at your locker and in the ball-field stands
the girls who huff, and wiggle and slide their eyes over you and by
will be guffawed at by high-school boys who will send them to their rooms to cry….


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