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Thursday, April 3, 2014

PAD – Day 3 – 6 Poems on Messages


Message in the dark

in the quiet velvet
under the duvet
his hand moves
slowly to her turned
in the quiet velvet
under the duvet
moves slowly
touching skin


Last Words Not Needed

Upon white he reposed
a king already in state
silver mane sprinkled
with cologne colliding
with the strange scent
of apricots ripe
rasping as she leaned
in close – he said
with a smile
think we have
said it all
by this time
and she thought
she saw a wink


On lined first-grade paper

she heard
he gave notes
to girls he liked
standing straight
at the wardrobe
she waited
all three plus
of her
until he came
to hang his
puffy jacket
so close
she felt
the cold
she bent
to tie her
shoe and
when she
looked up
with a smile
he was –
sitting in his seat
talking to fake Francine
No note today


On aquamarine shores
sun shot to hazy
horizon I watch
the rolling azure
searching for a
bobbing bottle
of mythic magic
messaging my
to be taken
next step


Lunchtable Language

They sit
three little
softly as
she approaches
with her tray
and begins with
a smile to take
the empty seat
but the chirping
stops and they
simply stare with
beady cold eyes
until she moves
away – tipping her
tray with trembling
fingers as they
cackle – cacophonously
as stew drips down
her new school shirt


In the flotsam and the filament floating
                      in the dander and the light
                                     in dreams and hopes
                                                         and memories
                                                                           it all
                                                                                                                  this …. 


  1. So rich... So creative... Such beautiful poems just pouring out of you... Thanks for sharing your pearls...