Tuesday, April 26, 2016

PAD - Day 26 - Love - anti-love "InViolated Love"

InViolated Love

they say that mother love
is inviolate love - bonds
impossible to break -
gifted to and from
this creature rolling
in waves within -
bursting from loins in
blood and ecstasy -
unknowable this mother
love - a mystic business
connecting cry to milk
pain in you own heart
when you mistakenly
prick it with a misnamed
safety pin - until you
stab it with a safety pin
feel its pain shiver in
your spine - shimmer on
this mystic mother love
as it rides a two wheeler
and you scream in joy
watching from a window -
feeling the wind in your
hair as his blows - at a
graduation - a first
ride in a car - first
love - a walk down an
aisle beaming - on and
on as it throws tiny
burgeoning large and
muscled - baby skin
giving way to peach
fuzz and unmistakable
fur - ah those arms
around you - here and
there through a gazillion
breaths taken in concert
this mother love - inviolate
marching on even when
inevitably as such things
must be the creature - infant
boy - now man machetes
the cord - careful if still
connected to your entrails
mother love - mystic -
connection that must
be disentangled gently at
each milestone juncture
of the loving journey

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