Friday, April 15, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016 - Day 12 - "Index - Free Association - Abyssinian Love " Index Poem

Free Association – Abyssinian Love

Abyssinian – the kind of cat I imagined would recline on my chest purring.
Argument      began as an offhanded remark about feline similarities
Bonded         intertwined this sudden sense of connection
Blended        as smooth cream
Capucian      on the screen a small screech of an infant primate
Cappuccino foolishly connecting a vision of cinammoned foam  
Desperate    reaching for the kindred connection
Deliberate   arch of the spine and opening of the eye
Edifying      gleaning that the glint that was – no longer beckons
Egregious   this long lasted now comrade union of two
Frankly       fed up with the one who is more me than myself
Fantastic     that decades have piled onto one another a
Golem         shadow of the two who clutched at each other
Gorgeous    in lush, lusty, loving
Hilarity        rolling from lips and hips
Horrific        the thought that ever it would different
Idiosyncratic this love we agreed
Inane          and innocent this certainty of endless delight
Justifiy        that all eventually come to this point
Juxtapose  an overlay of two slim nudes over two bundled
Kite            that sweet red silk flying in a blue sky out the window
Kettle          that copper whistle blowing ready
Lithe           the sinuous stretch of the cat
Lucid          suddenly clear
Manic       need for the past vanished
Mechanism of love clicking solidly and sheerly lovely
Negligee      of our dance
Nightmare   away from the terror of isolation
Odious        the thought of the other gone
Oxymoron   smile at this contradiction of love the one you wish gone
Pearlescent patina shimmers in natural light
Perilous      that now passed desire to examine   
Quixotic      our converged coupledom
Queenly      my image reflected in those eyes
Riesling       sparkling in the crystal glass
Risen          those for a moment flagging spirit
Succubus    within receding, melting in the warmth
Succulent    the decades piled one upon the other
Treacherous pulling apart the years, to minutes of now
Truculent     never in the fading light
Undulating   that cat within and across the room
Universal     slinking, sashaying, jump
Vacuous     no longer in the appreciation of the absence of
Vitriol          never part of the conversation or connection 
Winsome    laying there on the couch
Wisp           of aquamarine tropical shores floating nude
Xanthous     daisies dotting deep green field
Xylophone   chimes in the clear crisp air
Yesterday   a song, a dance, a love
Yucca         succulent
Zen             serene
Zodiac         impossible, magic, mystic, as the eye of an Abyssian – us

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