Sunday, April 17, 2016

Morning -

I stretch check a hole in 
my left sock - lost until
first sight this morning
when it lay on my chest
- testament to forget-ting
or phantasma .. pull it on
over my how-can-it- be
getting-old-foot,  shake
feathers from my head
left over from a night
of deep dreams and
rise to rattle into an-
other day 


  1. I love is so true to real relatable to reality, but written in such an absolutely lovely, poetic way!

  2. Very nicely captured sense of moment, momentum, and entropy all caught in a sock.

  3. Morning! Some mornings there's just too much to do when you're still half asleep!

  4. There are mornings like that...lately the rattle is getting much louder...

  5. That gentle musing of coping with yet another day including all the petty instances that make up a life such as that sock that in my case I am so loathe to throw out despite having a drawer full of others.

  6. Time creates holes in fabric and being - hopefully we can patch them up..and start another day..

  7. Ah ... rattle is about right ... creak just may be closer to my reality ... I was wondering what happened to that sock. Bastet