Friday, April 15, 2016

NaPoWriMo- Day 3. "Dear Younger Me" - fan letter

Dear Younger Me

I must take the opportunity
so granted to shower you
with gratitude for choosing
to take the plunge into those
aquamarine waters so very
long ago - when our belly
was flat and our horizons
endless.  I must take this
opportunity to tell you that
as you knew with such -
certitude and attitude - that
was the absolute correct
moment to inhale the frangipani
air and float into years of sailing
on crystal waters - You changed
our lives - with your twenty- year
old wisdom - carpe dieming our
soul sealed with possibility for-

Thank you
Older Me...


  1. Lovely , i want to talk to my younger self now.

  2. Oh, Pearl, this is one of my absolute favorites!