Sunday, April 17, 2016

NaPoWriMo - Day 17. Freud’s glossary of psychoanalytic terms - specialized dictionary

Sigmund Freud | Think Psychology

Freud’s glossary of psychoanalytic terms 

He lay there on my couch
the first fellow never knew
that the couch upon which 
he sprawled was purchased
with his long limbs in mind-
Never knew that he was my
First,whispering abreactions
in that small room – on that
new couch smelling of fresh
unworn leather and cathexis
our collective unconscious not
yet collected as, virgin analyst
sat stealing glances in a small
mirror strategically placed so
that I could watch my counter-
transference – exhale the con-
densation of the drive driven
dreams with which perhaps un-
known to him he stroked each
erotogenic zone along the length
of my earliest days censorship
on high alert - alone with him 
as he lay there on my couch
my first of so very many – 
ego, id, super-sized-ego 
Mr. ____  _____  _____ -
the one that would never – 

could never ever be - 


  1. Love this poem -- integrating your two passions...

  2. hahaha thats an interesting one :)