Thursday, April 7, 2016

PAD -DAY 8 - Sonlighted - Urbanot


Have you felt the thrum of
New York City – the pave-
ment vibrates –the air aches
electric energy – merging 
into single breath -moving
millions together -ones, duos,
groups - alone and together
all as one coalesced thrum -
Have you felt that thrum of
New York City – impressed 
concreted glory - lush as any
vined verdant jungle teeming 
torrid lurching life  – the energy
a thronging citizen  – bustling 
around the edge of an eye -
stop –and feel feet tingle -
palpable standing on the beam
of this sailboat city cutting lines
in the wind through the shimmered
water lapping its shores– It was
from here -from teeming, ever -
moving mass of thrumming energy
I took you –mere feather of filamented
notion secreted somewhere between
head, heart and soul and fled into the
soaring sky - dropping to calm - into
turquoise sea and spun sugar sand -
-  in time to lay you as a
mother turtle secrets her
precious one in the warmth
of shore until you burst bundled
best of coalesced collected best
of thrum -burst shimmering the 
frangipani calm – dancing into
open arms – against my bursting
breasts as hummingbirds whirled
sipping sugar from hibiscus blooms
and each day in splendiferous sigh
unfurled – you my urbanot infant


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  1. I saw this elsewhere I think but can't recall if I commented ... it's been that kind of crazy-busy lately. This is wonderful, beautifully told, with just a hint of wistful between the lines.