Friday, April 1, 2016

PAD. Day 1. Foolish Poem - " Free Falling Fool"

Free Falling Fool
there I was the little girl
with the big dark eyes
an old soul they said
too grown for child-
hood games by age
four or five – finding
the very word ‘child’
insulting – being a
fool not for me –
foolishness just
that and pushed
to the side –
laughter polite
and preferably
behind a polite
hand – for there
was lush music
and boundless
books and art
and of course
laying flat on
hot pavement
watching an ant
make its way
carrying a crumb
important lessons
to be learned – I
saved foolishness
for now – as I free
fall into its swirl
hungry to eat
each welcome
mouthful with
a spoon now
that it and I
are properly
aged and

1 comment:

  1. Ah this makes me want to grow older along with the ant! Beautifully said.