Saturday, April 2, 2016

APRIL PAD CHALLENGE - Day 2. - He Said / She said

In August 
He said tucked in on immaculate linen
She said sitting on her knees on his bed
‘I don’t know”
He slept for a while
She curled next to him
put her hand under his
She sang Phantom’s – magic of the night
He said
She said “You know more about this than I”
He slept … she sang every song he had taught
her since she learned to speak … she combed
cologne through his hair – to kill the scent of
rotted apricots … He said … “Hope after a lifetime
you’re not waiting for last words ”
She didn’t need to say “No.”
She remembered the violin concerto he played for her
from a box of small red records … she heard the music –
he lifted his arms conducting in time with her rhythm
He didn’t need to ask ‘When”
as his hands fell folded on his chest
She didn’t need to say “Now Daddy.”
That’s just the way it is sometimes
If you’re both very very lucky in life,
in love, in leaving on a grace note …

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