Friday, April 15, 2016

NaPoWriMO - Day 11 - "Oliver" - object and ending


cat persons say he chose us
at five weeks – puff of coal
at the doorstep in the rain
pouring – we were German
Shepherd people – and all
the shepherds had gone to
their elysian fields –leaving
us free to Kerouac it any-
time we chose – cat persons
say he chose us five years
ago – slid into our lives as an-
other person an interesting
roomie – with no ostensible
bad habits – no dropped fur
scratching, meowing, lap-
sitting or drooling – aware
of anything out of place –
an errant fleck of paper
a drop of water fallen to
the floor – a chair turned
slightly more left or right –
all such caused that stare
my father’s eyes returned to me.

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