Sunday, May 8, 2016

No Smoke There

No Smoke There 
other people’s mothers wore skirts
and high heels even to vacuum –
she – no truck for girly silliness –
my mom wore white
sweatshirts and jeans rolled
at the bottom – bare feet in
she was a waft of Channel #5
and cigarettes bobbing up
and down while she spoke
poking holes at the world with
her index finger – she told me
her friends called her Stretch
because she was so tall …
I knew she didn’t have to reach
to touch
the tip of
the sky
my mother…
some saw just
a kid
“too young to be
in love” – but
I knew ….
I knew ….
the truth
no smoke
no mirrors


  1. Beautiful, Pearl. And this is such a great photo.

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