Sunday, March 27, 2016

only to be read

only to be read...

written the name in the ripple of water -
in the pebbles in the hand of a small child
tossed skittering in the air ... written the
name in the phantoms melted in risen day-
light - filamented words floating as smoke 
across the face of the moon smiling - in the 
crooked limbs of the three who lead straight
to the shimmered Source of one and all - 
each and every - written the name - to read -
to be - to call out in the chorused clamor of 
connection collected in a common language 
of peace - of joy - of love - written the name ....
that needs no name ...


  1. Peace, joy and love..for everyone.

  2. filamented words floating as smoke
    across the face of the moon smiling

    Gorgeous write..!!

  3. brilliantly unique - how well you capture the fleeting word

  4. Yes - all around and in our hands - if we choose to see and feel...beautifully written

  5. Mesmerizing. I'd love to hear you read this, Pearl. <3

  6. Oh my Pearl this is beautiful...and each can name that word...what it means to them! But as you say it needs no name!

  7. Peace, Joy and love, in the name that needs no name. Lovely, Pearl.

  8. The alliteration towards the end acts as a type of lyrical crescendo. It's lovely.

  9. We all need phantoms, unwritten but present.

  10. "filamented words floating as smoke
    across the face of the moon smiling"...just gorgeous.

  11. Wonderful writing, Pearl; beautiful poem – and I love the way you say that name by not saying it.

  12. Indeed...powerful closing, Pearl.