Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wordle #29 In The Time of The Dappled Horse

In the time of the dappled horse
Air crisp clear and strident full with the crystal call of fall
Entranced the young with pitch perfect
Delirium, heated the passion of blood to
Pounding swish, as a swoon soared 
each mighty chestnut tree
While the wind in tight pleat of contained heat
Did at last reignite, burst, and shower the land 
With white blossoms, piercing the sullen shell 
of sunlit day and navy night until it did seem each
thundering the land in the unbridled gallop of lust, love, luster 
Luminous each countenance once lit did each in turn   
Emit the collective cry of life lived with each blown 
In the time, that time, of the dappled horse


  1. This is lovely ... has a lyrical quality like a medieval piece.

  2. I would agree with Marianne. It harkens back to another time and another more flowing form of speach. Some very good imagery here.


  3. Thank you both - the dappled horses called everything forth :)

  4. Marianne and Elizabeth... your sites are exquisite.. Will be back to read... In process of finishing the very final touches on an anthology of 40 poets... A 'collective collaborative" anthology... More about this at another time :)

  5. I really like this PKP. Your work is always intreging, but this may be your best yet. Lovely language.

  6. Aw.....kind sir....bountiful thanks to thee... Whoops.....the veil flowing down from that pointed head-piece I had been wearing reappeared for just an instant and fell across my eyes for a moment there....

    Mike...I never know from where these things come.... I love Wordles because they flash me to places....this one seemed long ago and far away.
    Delighted that you enjoyed :). ...

  7. Very Tennison, Pearl. Impressive how you plaited the must-haves with the could-be's to fabricate this never-was world of imagery. Great Job!

    Are you sure you aren't working on a high fantasy novel for YA?

  8. Truly, they just come from where I do not know...I'm the transcriber / translator what have you.... :). Tennyson? Ah .... now that brings me back to college days :)