Saturday, November 19, 2011

PAD Day 19- Suspicious Minds - 4 Poems




In my early morning bed
Gyrating man in the
White suit mesmerizes
With thrusting pounds
Springing the trap of
calm cool light
Into a sweated morning
Coupled conflagration

Who does this
to a poet
and why…..

clears mind
with cool water

 *prompt included steamy 1970 young Elvis video



She brings pie
Covered in white linen
Covered in white linen
She brings pie
And a smile
Rings the bell
Hears someone say
From the door’s other side
From the door’s other side
Rings the bell
Hears a shushed
She and her pie
Can go straight to Hell
Standing there pie in hand
White linen and heart flutters
In wind of malice mutters



There it comes again
Every morning on the train
That practiced smile
Harbinger of future pain



New moves that oooh so work
Learned from a book
Believed only by a naive jerk



Does this black line stop me in my track
Damming the flow of words frustratingly back
Why am I after four years suddenly posting too fast
How long will this robotic…not Robertic editor last?
Why the change from the format before
Okay some glitches there for sure
But in this foisted upon us particulated, separated, monitored blog
A plan to disrupt our community?  Daze us with a corporate focused fog?
It will not happen though, listen up anonymous they, whoever ” they ” might be
For we continue loyal, connected, poeming to and for each other and RLB
Determined to support our independence within our interdependent community
Gone may be the merry lightning back and forth repartee
But lingers the soul unextinguished of the PA Street of another day

*Writer’s Digest recently reformatted Poetic Asides

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