Wednesday, November 30, 2011

PAD DAY 30 Against All Odds - FLY BOY

Fly Boy
He wanted to fly
Nineteen years old
Clouds called
He wanted to fly
Just a quick BP  test
revealed his secreted
suicidal heart
thrust him fast
toward those
who sawed his ribs
opened his heart
and saw they could
do nothing
zipper stitched his
smooth chest as he
in morphined misted radiance
blissfully buoyantly bounced
to his now tenuous life
time parceled in months
Nineteen years old
He wanted to fly
Now lucky to see
Twenty two or three
Against all odds 
At sixty still
He wanted to fly
When the clouds
opened for him
in a quiet bedded
room above the gentle
whir of oxygen
heard clear the nearing
roar of a readied engine
as he sighed
smiled and exhaled
himself beyond
the held horizon
lift off

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