Sunday, October 30, 2011

WORDLE #28 - The Pumpkin's Tale

The Pumpkin's Tale

There in the patch
he twitched far from
the Sidewalk where Those
came for the others now caught
Peeked up the crooked
road where they'd vanished
keeping wide eyes slit silent as he had been taught

still hearing mother, father, each with their own thump.
thrown into a truck, tail-lights flickering echoing,
still echoing, echoing, their terminal gurgle and bump

There in the patch
he twitched far from the Sidewalk in glistening prime
as one of the Those with a lip to a bottle presaged End Time

a Those with a signature thumb bloody,from all who the Those carved, disemboweled
the sweet stink of rot through the solid cold of night air
stumbling, drunkenly, slurringly inches away there it gutter howled

Phleghm thick in throat, eyes red, head back moving on stilts leaned toward the moon and piercingly did it then bay
This, his Destined One of the Those,in the black night cawed thunderingly, grinningly, toothlessly close,"Anybody here?" did it finally then say

As there in the patch, in his prime, alone in the cold empty night
His destined one of the Those brought down the machete with all of its murderous might...


  1. Great poem, pulled me right in. Loved "still hearing mother,father,each with their own thump
    thrown into a truck, tail-lights flickering echoing,
    still echoing, their terminal gurgle and bump." Poor pumpkins!!!!

  2. Poor squash, cut from his prime. This is a clever piece, Pearl, it was a highly entertaining read.

  3. If only it could have done more than twitch, it could have been the pumpkins revenge.

  4. Pearl Girl, one of the most inventive prompts I've read so far! I loved how the pumpkin keeps its eyes closed - just as a child would when knowing s/he is near danger. And the murderous fiend - oh dear, that's me!! Oy, the guilt!

    Happy Halloween, sweetie. Loved this. Amer

  5. Aw thanks all... Happy you enjoyed :)
    Amy noooo .... You a murdeous fiend I think not Madame Peacenik:)