Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kindness - PAD Day 13

In a “This n That Shop”

He was no more than seven or eight
perhaps a smallish ten
you know the kind rumpled
hair, arms and legs still thin
eyes downturned from grownups
now darting panic plain
had he five dollars
for a gift slapped his
pockets twisted round
his reddened neck
ran out the door and
“Had five dollars for
my father – he just
came home today”
Wanted to buy him
something – more he
couldn’t say words
caught in his throat
a grownup moved on
by – but another had
a crumpled bill thrown
into a corner right nearby
“I think that might be it
in the corner over there”
said the woman casually
so carefully at him not to stare
continuing her looking at
a this and a that
as relief flooded the air
ringing with the small voice
wondrous mumble
“can you imagine that?”


At the Littlest League Field

He swung again and
and again
at the ball
on the rubber
planted T
but only
when he hit it
did his mother
seem to ever see


  1. You described the boy perfectly and I saw the whole scene!! Loved the description of him: "you know the kind, rumpled hair, arms and legs stll thin"

  2. This one is so touching...

    thank-you for commenting so I could find your blogs!

  3. Thank you Janet and welcome to PA csn find everyone's blog by clicking on their name on the PA site :)