Sunday, November 20, 2011

WORDLE # 31 - Blood Diamonds

Under the African sky mindless they toil in trapped silence
All fleeting spark drowned in vacant eyes
Oblivious of the village down the road of the planet whirling
Under the fires of bare feet burning on 
brilliant as ice diamond smolder in blood dark hands     


  1. And they do this for such little reward, too. The whole world is in discontent right now and Mother Nature is trying her best to survive our endless ravaging of her too. Thought provoking piece.

  2. This is full of pain and truth. Wow - well done. You have said so much with just a few words.

  3. And so it shall be, as long as a market exists.

  4. somehow I feel badly - as though I opened up a political storm that that I do not have authority on which to speak-this is just where the words fell - thanks for positive comments :)

  5. Strength and vision is your trademark, Pearl. I've giving it a whirl. Tell me if I did this right.

    White searing sky fires a spark to smolder
    Within the skull like a trapped salamander,
    Mindless of the fleeting silence, drowned by
    A dull stone, a potential diamond named ice,
    Oblivious to the stir caused by its lifting
    From a scorched planet whose breast is gouged, torn.

    Hope this can suffice. It's my first verse in weeks.

  6. One of Claudette J. Young's wonderful blogs can be found at:

  7. Wonderfully vivid and profound. I was trying to find my favorite line and find they are equally favored in my mind. Wow.

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