Tuesday, November 22, 2011

PAD DAY 21- Two for Tuesday Fruit/Vegetable


He was walking down the street
On the between boy and man crack
Feet tapping lightly, sun shining on his back
Feet tapping lightly, sun shining on his back
Man on the corner face squeezed up in a frown
Looked him up and looked him down
Standing on the corner like a big old darkened dirty boot
Spit on the sidewalk mumbling weird about some kind of fruit


Mysterious ancient crimson
passion seeded filled
Imperious in a crystal bowl
Contemptuous of barbaric ways
Cool to creamed spinach nearby spilled


In a tree from flowers burst
On the scene the very first
From symbolic enticement to
Ensconced in a pie a brown bag lunch present due

Oh how, now humbled, did this fall happen to delectable you?

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