Sunday, November 20, 2011

PAD Day 20 - Best Ever...

Best Ever Pain
Since a wee one
at brain blowing headaches
at iodine on a blood soaked knee

Told “Rise above this pain
or what will you do
when it comes time
to have your own baby”

Finally the day arrives floating on
turquoised watered sun
Exquisite pain long awaited finally begun
Gleeful scream answers expectation’s call
to pass this watermelon expanded
child is the best joy-fullest joke of all

As the pressure mounts
contained for eons – now melted in this turquoise water sun
bursts with this babe the loudest purest bestest laugh
mesmerized manic incredulity drenched in fathomless incomparable soaring atom sparkling fun


The Best Ever

No surf crashed
against craggy rocks
No tide pulled and
flowed back to sand
The world did not shake
But it sparkled for years
Remembering with a secret smile

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