Thursday, November 10, 2011

Side by Side PA Day 10 - Different Perspective

       Side                              by                  Side

In the dark-pillowing his face           Grabbing at her touching her
In satin nubs of angel's wings           in all the places 
Velvet accommodation to his            Gone to fat
nibbling lips                                   Reveling in her shame
promising as always safe                  She stares in the dark
passage through the night               
He shifts, sighs, slips a                     humiliated hostage
hand around the waist grown            of his calculated cruelty
fuller, gentler, all erased angles 
Softly, softly, he burrows                 rigid she lies
sighs and sleeps                               awake                


  1. Hi ....Thanks .... Couldn't get it on PA.... Really miss the old "Street".., Thanks for the visit :)