Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wordle # 30 Bees

It was the bees
was all John from the cleaning service could stammer say
biceps trembling -strength sapped he could only finger point rapidly as a school-girl
jabbing the air - eloquent in this new stammered terror
this new surreal world tipped to slide off balance
safety skittering to illusion as there in her swivel chair sat
the lady of the house
indelicately slumped impossibly motionless
each coral nail in perfect shimmer in the morning sunlight
it was the bees circling her throat bright as a lover’s necklace
the bees buzzing in that closed bloodless room



  1. Wow- powerful imagery, Pearl. Bloody great wordling. = )

  2. Thanks Laurie... Still thinking of that coral bikini and the lucky fellow Fred!

  3. Oooo.... Reminds me of a horror movie. The bees all circling round her throat and (I imagined) open mouth. Yuck!
    Wonderful wordle! Thanks for the lovely comment on mine too :)

  4. Hello.
    This reminds me of a scene my wife told me about recently after reading the book "of Bees and Mist".

    Penned beautifully, but gives me the shivers.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Imaginary Dreams

  5. This could be a horror movie...a necklace of scary...very creative...

  6. Great storytelling. I love the description of John. Repetition of "bees" makes the picture clear as the poem progresses. Nicely done.

  7. the bees buzzing in that closed bloodless room -> could be a scene in one of the SAW series

  8. :) thanks guys... lol..on the horror especially the "Saw" reference...never watch too disturbing :)

  9. Ewww! Nice build up to the chilling finale. LOL

  10. Eeeeks!! They seem like vampire bees :( and A closed room makes me feel claustrophobic too!! Horrors!!

    In reply to your comment on my blog:
    DrPKP you have done it right and not faceless too!! Your pic did appear with the comment!! :) Thank you for the visit!!

  11. Ha Ha Nanka... thanks for the comment and I am happy that I was posting correctly. Your site is lovely :)

  12. Oooh, what a chilling but perfectly formed little tale! I really enjoyed where the wordle words led you. Nicely done. :-)

  13. Thank you Susannah and guatami... delighted you enjoyed... You just never know.. this was one of the flattest group of words for me and I just threw this one out there!

    Thanks Morning! Your blog is so crisp and bright .. like a crisp cool spring shower.... will be back to read more :)

  14. great use of the wordle words. A wonderfully chilling tale well written,


  15. Love the images and description in this peace! You've told quite a tale!

  16. Great and scary use of this week's wordle words.
    Wonderful imagery from that chilling line "it was the bees circling her throat bright as a lover’s necklace"
    Thanks for a great read.

  17. Your imagery is divine in this, Pearl.