Wednesday, November 16, 2011

PAD DAY 16 - Once Upon A Season

Once Upon A Season
Once upon a season
a turquoise sea beckoned
“Come” as white sanded
beaches cradled soles
still untouched by hardened
Once upon a season
Lavished in perfumed
air – friends guitars
sweet folk songs
swollen belly naked
in the navied night
dancing to the water
barefoot in joy besotted sand
Once upon a season
Shimmering and bright
Sun blinded each and every danger
under that lop-sided charming grin
kept the secreted surprise until it was
ready to begin
hair wrapped around the wrist
pulled hard at the root loosed torn
as air floated over fist bruised lips
kiss cradling close a suckling newborn
Once upon a season
hibiscus blossomed belief in love
blood washed sea clean each day through
brushed with Edenesque possibility still pulsing as though true
Once upon a season in the way that seasons inevitably come to do
the season slipped –
softly calloused sole
kicked open a providential door floating in all that sun sea shimmered blue
as blackened, but-cleared eyes lit on the ‘future once-upon-a-season’
and babe safe on hip, laughter balming on bruised lip, that soul danced directly through


  1. Your site is stunning and ethereal, Pearl! Love your poem today, dancing with the words!