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Sunday, January 1, 2012


jks Lola

Girls in Plum Sweaters

what can girls in plum sweaters
be expected to know of loss
as they pass the shovel among friends -

unorated letters on pretty stationary drift
in the wind - as earth hard-hits the coffin
inside - sweatered pruning friend on white 
satin - 
outside they - fresh as dropped stitches 
from a single skein of yarn
knitting a forever hole 

girls in plum sweaters,
dirt under fingernails
cold wind in their 

fresh washed hair


  1. There seems to be a funereal theme to the wordle poems today. I hope you're feeling more cheerful!

  2. Excellent, Pearl. I love the twist -- using the words both 'plum' and 'prune.' Many wonderful images! Happy new year to you!

  3. I never would have seen this in the wordle, Pearl, but you brought a sad scene into focus with vivid clarity. A powerful piece; well written.

  4. Captivating title and opening line, Pearl. I think I'll never view plum sweaters the same again.

  5. I hadn't been back to read .... Interesting though ... After writing I went back to the original poem to see if that was the theme...I do believe the combination of the words shovel, losss and perhaps wi d kicked off an association. :)

  6. Thanks Traci ... I'm not sure I enjoyed seeing this on the words but there they were in the word plum .... Happy New Year!

  7. Aww... Thanks Laurie... Mhmmm sorry about the plum sweaters :). Happy New Year! Back to read in a bit.

  8. You and I seem to have been on similar tracks. I was amused to see the words which we used for the same results.

    My first visit. I enjoyed the poem and the images conjured by your words.


  9. Wordles are a favorite part of my week! Will get over to your site and see your take. Thanks for the visit :)

  10. girl friends in matching plum sweaters must be the best of all friends.

  11. I like the contrast of plum and prune!

  12. oh Pearl, this is fantastic... the images resonate

  13. WOW .... thank you Brenda ..,,I LOVE your WORDLES! I have no idea where these little story poems come from....the combination of words just fall together. Delighted you enjoyed ....your "fantastic" comment is a brilliant start for the New Year! Thank you again!

  14. This poem clutches at the throat! The first three lines hook the reader immediately. I have two teen-age daughter. Somehow this picture is gripping! Well done.