Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Red penned

Red penned

in the slanted light of the teachers’ room she sat
paper flat before her bleeding -she patted an
invisible escaped strand from her tied back hair
centered her glasses, straightened her white
shirted starched shoulders and waited for the
girl who had written Dere Teecher I think I can trust you
with my problem. I coold not have the baby from the bad
ting that happened wid my mama’s husbend. I cannot sleep
Pleese if you be kind like you seem you is . .. I can meet
you in the teechers’ room to talk. Thank you if you do
take your preshious time I am gratefull.


She sat in the slanting sun and watched as the door opened
And as the door opened in the slanting sun she lifted the flat
paper running in red correction and said calmly. There were
many errors in your paper to me and the assignment was to
write about a mistake in judgment. I had no choice but to
give you, as you see, an F. I think you must get assistance
with your corrections - they are many and serious.
In the slanting sun the girl took the paper from the woman
with the clear grey eyes, took the bleeding paper and said
with high head and stiff back “Thank you – I try better, for
next time,” shut the door silently behind her and walked home
again, as always –

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