Thursday, January 26, 2012

On the road to awakening

On the road to awakening…

wake to the sense of self – count the numbers
of my years – shake the shock – manacle the melancholy
turn in the softness of feathered bed to the gentle winding
road - to the cool place within – scented with something unnamed
frangipangi, an incense tree – something spicy and soft, surround
greenery draped dripping in splendid scented abundance over simple
cedared shack sides shining in shafted filigreed light - comfort cooing
in the emerald wetted greenery – clean perfectly calibrated air – 
deep breaths -cool water poured on the burning parts, 
deep breaths, embracing strength of presence kneads the tight parts – 
deep breaths – flow - loose- ready - now
for the road I am supposed to accept as real – open eyes and smile ...


  1. I think I need to adapt new waking up strategies:) This is so peaceful and refreshing, like stepping out of an out-door sauna! Love it!

  2. From the wonderful image to the frangipani to your flowing words, reading this poem is rather like a meditation on peace and beauty. Lovely.

  3. Thanks sweet the by-gone commercial intoned... "try it ... you'll like it" :)

  4. A precious pearl of a poem, I love it.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Happy .... I think you should have some sort of award for being #50! Much appreciated - spread the word... as will I for you!

  6. OOOH... so sweet.. but what happened to everyone's faces?... Are we all in a witness protection program?? :)