Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy birthday Daddy 

I hug you hard and
All that, shovels, dirt
Long ago and melted in
an August heat dream
Here the realitied
You, present strong
Everywhere as you
Said it should be
Here in my still time- bound instant
watching - the thick bare branches wave
the cerulean sky dotted with
a single red cardinal for
a pop of contrasted color
You smile in familiar incarnationed
eyes, darker, deeper.
A flash of sun beamed platinum hair to
show me how it might
have been,  your mustache
tickle- soft against my neck as you hug
me back hard
And a flock of Canada geese
pass overhead

I breathe you
happy birthday  


  1. Oh thank you Sherry... The photograph on your blog is absolutely stunning. I can take NO credit for this photograph - found it as a stock photograph on my IMAC ... I use it whenever I write about my father... I think it is terrific and the photographer should be credited! <3 Peace and Happy New Year to you and yours!