Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Unstoppable Forces - 2 Poems

The Unseen

He taught the toddler girl to sing
Swing Low Swing High
Sweet chariots and all that coming for to
carry him home
and yet when his time came there was no swinging
no sweet chariots
not even a single white horse pounding
a tornadoed coalescence of the collective Universe
there obscured from the toddler girl, now grown
obscured, but felt in an escaped tendril of a tenfolded tsunami
as he, ready, stood, shoulders squared, blocking her view
his bare feet solid on the precipice of All
now seen, now blowing his hair back flat against
his skull as pure power inhaled him


Just a little giggle at dinner

it started as a giggle
at the table there that night
sitting in our dinner clothes
hair combed, ribboned,
pomaded, shoes shined
from head to toe just right
it started as a giggle
between a brother and a sister
and ended with erupted gales of laughter
and Mother’s “You will now leave this table mister”


The Watermelon
Practiced breathing
panting and all that
meditating with thumb
and forefinger in the
soft sunned air
Ready to ride the
waves as turquoised seas
Until the watermelon shifted
and meditation flew out
the window – a long billed scream
as she pushed that misplaced
watermelon – splatting she was sure
against the white-washed wall

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