Sunday, January 22, 2012

In Ashen - Wordle #40

In Ashen

In the graying City of Ashen they tell of times when young
Sister Knack rose - one early dew struck dawn, rose
early between the crush of sisters one on each side
and from neath her pillow palmed the purloined Whispering
Charm with purest instinct for passions urges fire wished her
sallow sisters light and heat and flame of purpose, implored
with eyes squinched shut -please- until flung scald wide at bony shards 
of sudden cindered sisters struck her naked arms in their drift swirling
the cold room as rose petal scatter about her head lighting her
small mystic shoulders -  in that bed alone that morning in the
graying City of Ashen where they tell the story as warning
of colors conflagration


  1. That definitely is quite a tale! Well wordled!

  2. Aww.... this is mystic, sad, she suffered having to lose her sisters through wishing to have colour in her gray ashen world?

  3. I came just that close to a city of Ashen, myself. Considered a character named Ashen Knack, too. But no way could I have gotten a gem like "bony shards
    of sudden cindered sisters struck her naked arms" Sweet!

  4. WOW !.... I love the synchronicity of your having considered a character named Ashen Knack... Thank you so much for commenting on the line.... Honestly, I adore the Wordles - they give me flashes of these dark places - I have no notion from where they come...!

  5. You weave a nice story here...ashen city she falls ~

  6. " wished her
    sallow sisters light and heat and flame of purpose"

    This is a line that speaks volumes to me... the desire for empowering those sisters who seem less inclined to claim their own.

    Well done, PKP!

  7. Oooh thank you Kim! I love speaking volumes to you!

  8. Ooooh! You're good and devilishly sweet. i love it.

  9. Hello.
    Visiting from The Poetry Pantry.

    Very creative take on the prompt.
    I like the image you chose too.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Thanks also for the Anniversary wishes.

    Lyrics Of Fire

  10. Pearl, great dense imagery here. I hope we hear of Sister Knack again - or return to the City of Ashen. I think her story might be of hope if told in another city.


    1. Oh thank you .... perhaps Sister Knack might find her way back again .... a lovely idea....I appreciate the visit and the comment :)