Wednesday, January 25, 2012

4 Poems about Friends of Friends

In the land of Friends of Friends

In the land of friends of friends
There so-called allies bump and
meet and smile limpid smiles
In the land of friends of friends
Safety sanctioned social
equanimity –  yet footfalls
separate and strangeness drifts
In the echoed land of friend of friends
Where surrendered secrets slip
in intimacy as second handled commodity  


The Other Woman

She was sleek
and polished
glowing from bottom
To top
Designed and designered
Chatting up the dear one
Prompting peals
of manufactured laughter
From the dear one
Whose claim check
For such things disdained
Dissolved –
Damp dust in an open palm


his other friend

He said
she was
a friend
then again
he thought
that about
me too
She apparently
was a
friend to his
lips, his thrusting
tongue, his hands
in her hair
in his car
that once
drove me
around the block
when I asked


Fourth Grade

Her name was Karen
Her hair was golden
and she had cornflower
blue eyes – my father
called them this
and he was an artist
and knew color
and she was my
friend – apple cheeked
and sweet too
like the time she
came in and told
my family we all
looked “homely”
meaning “homey” and
blushed bright red
when she realized
her mistake
that was in third grade
In fourth she met
Jimmy and he was
a “hunk” on our
private out of school
vocabulary list
he was the first
boy she ever liked
being so quiet
and shy – you
could tell he liked
her corn-flower blue
eyes as mine burned
green and at lunch
time on the second
day I sat down
right next to Jimmy
and being far more
experienced in the
world of boys
stared directly
into his eyes
and drew him away
she never said anything
and I never forgot
nor could reason why…

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