Monday, January 9, 2012


BARBARA EHRENTREU - dear cyber-friend and author of If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor, a wonderful YA novel has bestowed the Liebster Award to my blog. THANK YOU - I am so very touched! This award is passed along and Barbara has just been awarded the same ... I can certainly understand why Barbara would be awarded something that involves dearest or favorite... as you neatly step and snuggle within both those adjectives for me! I am delighted to receive this award and will be thinking long and hard which five blogs will be my choices. 

Stay tuned for my dearest/favorite blogs!

Actually, a quick note here - I truly think such awards are important and truly - delight- full!!!

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  1. Congratulations Pearl - truly one of our unsung heroines! Nice to see you getting some well deserved recognition ... wtg Barbara