Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ways To... A Collection of 5 Poems of "Ways To"

Ways To Fall In Love Again

Remember the touch
of a hand that grabbed
the crunch of leaves
as you sunk together
hands under coats
in a graveyard with
thin gray stones
of one hundred autumn
lovers leaning
into one another

Remember finding love
making in the brush of a
handed coffee cup
a smile, a glance

Remember sighing
in the middle of the day
and in the dark of night
for no reason except
it felt so good

Remember waking to
the sound of your
own laughter and
having it
shared sparkling
bubbling within
and without in the dark
night leaning
into each other

Remember as you watch
slack sprawled on the couch
sleeping to the tv
waking to a hand that
finds you even in sleep

Ways To Know The Smack Across Your Face Isn't Shooing A Fly

He was tired
he was smoked out
drunk up
wrung out
hurt from his mama
just reaching for
a fly
in the dead of winter
with the cracked
windows letting
in the snow
and nothing
except your ears


Ways To Find Your Way Home

Look everywhere high and
look anyplace low
peer under chairs
and in afternoon's glow
Look with eyes open wide
and eyes shut tight
Look with precision and
abandon, with all of your might
Until exhausted eyes tearing
stand still as calm peace
washes your blood
through you and of you
bathed in pure light

Ways To Love Your Mother

If it can't be hearts
and flowers
soft touches and
sweet songs
Let it be a
birth tax

Wai’s Too

He’d come here to learn
After a journey quite
Quickly found the class
that made English strong
There Keenah and Juan
and Samantha yes, true
a small band of
linguists hands on desks
as sealed with glue
"Good evening"
said teacher
A smile on his face
looking at cards
keeping with finger
his place
"Where is Keenah? Ah I see
And Juan… Aha and
Samantha and there is Wai too"
said Wai shamed but honest was he
"Not for Two... Wai is One"
Only One he be ready


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