Sunday, May 9, 2010

Death to Death

Death to death
Enough I say
I cannot write
of you another day
As a child I shivered
covers drawn on my head
thinking of the day
when I'd be dead
I pacified that chilly dread
It is rare for children
to drop quite dead
At twenty I would quell the fear
By pushing that all things being normal
death was not near
At thirty and forty and even fifty too
I pushed away fear for
death was not naturally due
Scares and fears came here
and there as I waited with
bated breath always fearing
the coming, the coming, the
cold grabby fingers of death
And now as time has
moved and moved
the 'youth rationale"
no longer useful proved
Interesting I do find
that after all this
countless breath
I laugh now, live
and say
death to death

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