Sunday, May 9, 2010


To the evening
Gentle and quiet
Sunlight unglares
Aglow spilling over softened
Sounds, rustles, whispers
To the evening
Spreading across sloping fields
Spanning the in-between
day is done
darkness on the horizon
Hurrah to the gentle evening
Time of rest
There between the beginning
and the end
Sweetly surrender to the dimming
of bright day's bursting ..
turn from the fear of the dark's
encroaching uncertainty
Sweeetly surrender to the
comfort place that is neither
frenetic nor hopeless
To the place between

Evening neither desperate to accomplish nor
desperate to hold on
To the evening
There in
the gentle,
the softened,
the glowing
lie back and rest for a time
back in the peace-filled arms of the
Evening that eventually
embraces all

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