Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Sad Tale of Eve and Ng

Eve was a lovely girl
from a small town who
knows where
A who knows town where
one and any
Knew each other one and many
A town where all were
about the same
until a man came to
who knows where town
A gentle man with
tipped eye corners
and an ebon pate
And he and Eve
both in quiet
time took to standing
at her gate
The gentle Eve and
quiet Ng spoke
long and longingly
And as summer turned
to fall they took
to walking in the mall
The gentle Eve fair
of hair and the quiet
Ng made quite a pair
and in the town of who
knows where
there began a rumble
at first a giggle, there
a titter, then a guffaw
then quite more
polite quick smiles disappeared
and smirks exchanged turned to leers
Before first snow the gentle Eve
and quiet Ng could not pretend to know
that in the town of who knows where
faces hardened and began to scare
striking fear in those two of gentle heart
they decided that best they part
and so on one evening
following first snow
Eve with freezing tears
for no reason but hatred's
momentum watched Ng go

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