Sunday, May 9, 2010


The Far-away Grandma
doesn't live in your town.
She isn't around when
you're up
or around when
you're down

The Far-away Grandma
is a phone voice you hear
a name on a card
or a video face that you peer.

The Far-away Grandma
can't see you each day
she can't see you at
and she can't see you at play.

But even if she can't see you
each day and each night
the Far-away grandma
has special faraway sight.

The Far-away Grandma
sees in your life a part
as her love grows and grows
it finds its place in your heart

And so in a way
the Far-away Grandma is...
right there in your town.
right there when you're up.
right there when you're down
right there when you work
right there when you play.
right there each and every minute
of each and every single day

Because as by now I am sure
you must know
the love of a Far-away Grandma
will never, ever, let go.

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