Sunday, May 9, 2010

Please Let Us Walk Slowly Through The Door

Not retarded we don't use
that word any more
so harsh so vulgar
so hurtful they told
us standing at the door
Can we see our baby we whispered
in your eyes not retarded, not a moron
any more Can we see our baby bundled
in your arms as you
stand there talking at the door
Can we begin our walk Not compromised, not
You see we don't use words like that, not then or any more
You might never understand why Standing idly, idling forever
on this side of the door
Can we begin our walk
Slowly... slow... slow... slow... A dandelion dazzled vista
A snowflake tickled tongue
Soft grass caressing toes
Sand finger trickled run
Cold watered river rock
Ocean tided pull
Into a whirling thrumming world
Will you please just let us go
Each moment filled with wonder, a ribbon of endless
magic more
As we follow slowly... slow... slow... slow...Uncompromised, unchallenged
Our child throughout each door

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