Monday, May 10, 2010

How I Started Writing Poetry....

I heard Horton Hears A Who
and thought just what could
I do
to become a person as good and as kind
as good and as kind to all person-kind
The rhythyms were lovely
a lyric from the womb rock
and the words, ah the words
they did tickle tumble
and tock
The music and words
tocked like a fine clock
a fine clock marking
time in the world of
Horton and all Who's
all the Who's who were
listening to all the Who News
to all that was and to all
that could be
exploding our mind's bright
colors on pages to see
and somewhere as Horton
heard that teeny tiny Who voice
something inside us began to rejoice
at last it had happened at last it was here
our words and our music clearly printed there
and on that tick-tocking
joyous of journeys for you and for me
the chaos and color
no matter who we might be
became that most natural world of

So thank you good doctor
Theodore Geisel/Dr Seuss
who opened the door and
let us all loose

And when we got pencils
and papers and pen
it was easy to start
for all that had already
back then
We knew we could do it
we knew it was true
we knew we were poets
because you knew us
and we knew we knew you

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