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Sunday, May 9, 2010

To the earth

To the earth

Oh sweet earth
my chubby child's
fingers cool
yielding the
sweet surprise
of fat pink worms
sweeter than chocolate
first perfume filling
my head rising from
spread wiggling barefoot
sweet earth
rising below
hips, sides and
bare legged first
and second and third kisses
cool under pulse pounding
earth beneath my father's hands
elbow deep as he scoops
great armfuls
inhaling great satisfied
sweet for his garden of
endless delight
earth falling in surprising
clotted clumps
one after the other striking
the shining wood on
a sunny summer day
the box in which my father
his breath as sweet as apricots
lying still on white silk
as earth slowly fills the hole
and smoothly moves
to a new place on
drawing sweetness from

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