Monday, December 31, 2012

Three "Lost" Poems

  1. Grandmothers
    One red lipsticked and henna haired
    High heels clicking on her way to this
    or that friend’s final “bon voyage party”
    We were on the way back so she’d stop,
    expect and receive coffee and danish
    served by my mother
    as she prattled on about people
    we had never met
    laughing loud, leaving quickly
    with only a trail of perfume and
    dirty dishes to remind us she had been
    when she finger waved and left -
    I could never have imagined following
    her into the car waiting at the curb
    sitting beside her as she gaily
    set off for another cemetery party
    The other silver haired and hatted
    Just a bit of powder from an immaculate
    puff on her gleaming dresser
    At her home all shoes stood inside the door
    Her hat sat back in its box
    Each bureau drawer arranged as carefully
    as a department store display
    Her velvet carpets bore not a single
    footprint, welcoming the little girl
    I was, to enter and after dinner to
    wear a silken
    slip as an evening gown twirling
    before her long mirror to her high bed
    in a sleepover tucked into her crisp sheeted
    bed scented with cashmere bouquet
    Both gone
    as a laugh
    or a soap bubble
    song in the air
    Like a dream

  2. My Self
    That hard bodied
    Raven tossed hair
    Sexy kitten
    A true legend mirrored
    Shining in my
    Own mind
    Faded now
    to misted memory
    Facing clear mirrors
    and a mind’s
    naked realities

  3. Lost Lovers …
    I was going to write about
    a man and a woman
    who started as a
    boy and a girl
    in a green sunshined field
    dotted with dandelions
    until the night wind blew
    rain pelted windows
    hard and the image flew

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